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FlexCut Software | Starter Kit

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  • USB Key with Software License
  • 3 Months of Service
  • Window Film & PPF Compatible

Craft Patterns Quickly & Precisely With FlexCut

USB Key + 3 Months of Service

Flexfilm has partnered with Film & Vinyl Designs to offer the most advanced cutting software found in the industry. FlexCut is designed to cut automotive window tint patterns, paint protection film patterns, and sign graphics. FlexCut also features one of the largest databases of patterns so you can find the right pattern to fit any job. FlexCut is also compatible with all of the plotter models that we carry. If you're purchasing FlexCut for a plotter that we do not stock, check out our supported plotters page.

If you are purchasing FlexCut for the first time, you will receive a USB key in the mail within one week. After you receive your USB security key, please call 1-817-354-9200. Support will help you install and update the software to get you cutting in no time.

What You Get

  • USB key with software license
  • 3 months of service with FlexCut
  • Access to new patterns and features via software updates
  • Vector design tool
  • Database access tool
  • Database synchronization tool
  • Accounting tool
  • Reporting tool
  • Tech support (8AM-5PM CST)

Computer System Requirements

  • Windows OS
  • 4GB of RAM
  • Intel CPU
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • 2x USB Ports


Vector Design Tool

Provides a complete vector graphics design capabilities and cutting drivers for plotters.

Database Access Tool

Implements a convenient way to access the patterns in the Database.

Database Synchronization Tool

Manages the license and updates routines.

Accounting Tool

Material and labor management Tool aimed to simplify the interaction between business and customers.

Reporting Tool

Affords powerful yet simple reports management for user demands.

Tech Support Tool

Helps our customers to resolve all kinds of issues they may face by direct access to our tech support team.

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Note: In the event your key is lost or stolen, replacement keys can be purchased for $400 plus shipping. In the event your key arrives defective, please return the defective key back to Flexfilm and a replacement key will be sent out at no cost to you.



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"To be honest I am extremely happy since switching to Flexfilm. As an installer I think it is a very high quality product and from my customers stand point they are extremely happy with the final result too."

Craig Haney
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"Works great! Definitely a go to for me. As a newbie I have enjoyed how easy it is to work with."

Ryan Mclane

"Been using it for 2+ years and I love it shrinks like a dream and I have never had a problem with it at all."

Bradley Jones
The Tint Plug

"I have used it now on a few vehicles and I’m very happy with it. Definitely will be sticking with it."

Dan Elmquist