Architectural Window Film | Flexfilm

Architectural Window Tint

Silver Reflective

Also known as mirror tint, Chromoflex works by reflecting the solar energy before it transmits through the glass.

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Dual Reflective

Dualflex's highly reflective outer layer reflects the heat while the inner layer offers maximum visibility. Available in a beautiful natural, earthy color that is safe for all glass.

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Sputterflex utilizes denser metals in the film to offer high heat reflectance that is available in a beautiful natural or bronze appearance.

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Safety & Security

Available in two thicknesses, Safetyflex offers protection from broken glass hazards.

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Vandalflex offers protection on glass or non-porous surfaces from keying, graffiti, and etching.

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Decorative films, such as white frost, white out, or black out, add privacy and style to any glass surface.

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