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Automotive Window Tint

Style, Protection, & Heat Insulation

Our Plus series of automotive window tint delivers high performance window tint that will outlast and outperform the competition—from our generation 5 carbon window tint to our heat insulating ceramic window tint and even our traditional dyed window tint, we have a widow film product that will help you take your business to new heights.

Types of Automotive Window Tint


Would you bring a knife to a gunfight? Carbon technology allows you to hold the smoking gun against your competitors slinging dyed film by simply blocking more solar energy and never fading and changing color.

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Carbon Ceramic

Built on a carbon chassis, Panaflex is our best selling ceramic window tint. The added non-conductive ceramic layer is designed to slow down the heat and boost comfort.

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Premium Carbon Ceramic

Like your favorite insulated beverage cooler, Nanoflex adds function to style by keeping the heat outside while maintaining a cool and comfortable interior.

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High Performance Carbon

Terraflex HP is a unique blend of carbon and metallized technology that creates the world's first high performance carbon window tint. A vapor coated layer of aluminum amps up our Terraflex to create a high performance product that offers more comfort and protection.

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Premium Dyed

Even though Retroflex is our lowest performing product, it's also surprisingly the longest lasting technology you will find in our industry. Simple should be superior.

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