Dualflex | Dual Reflective Series

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There’s only two ways we can stop harmful energy from the sun. You can reflect or absorb it. Dualflex’s outer metallized layer works by reflecting the solar energy before it transmits through the glass while the inner layer uses low reflective carbon to offer maximum visibility. Hands down, dual reflective film is the most popular architectural film technology in the industry because of its affordability, compatibility with all glass types, and aesthetics. Constructed with an inner layer of carbon and an outer layer of vapor coated aluminum, Dualflex offers a natural, moderately reflective layer that produces an attractive appearance on any storefront or home. Carbon brings to the table no fading or color change unlike similar products in the industry that are constructed with dye. Dualflex offers an inviting, warm appearance that is suitable for homes and storefronts.


  • Maximum Heat Rejection   
  • UV Protection   
  • Glare Reduction   
  • Lowers Energy Costs   
  • High Reflective Outer Layer   
  • Low Reflective Inner Layer
  • Natural, earthy color and appearance
  • Safe For All Glass