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For the last decade, Terraflex carbon has been so successful for our customers that we decided to offer it with a slightly blacker look to better match factory tint.  If you have not tried Terraflex carbon recently, we have completely upgraded the adhesive system and the performance.  It is now part of our new Plus Series line and is the most advanced carbon film in the industry.

If you are concerned about fading, Terraflex™ is the product for you. Terraflex™ is a true carbon window film that is designed to not fade or change colors, unlike dyed window film. With its high infrared radiation (IR) rejection and ultraviolet (UV) protection, you will notice a substantial decrease in the heat that transmits into your vehicle. Terraflex™ boasts 99.9% ultraviolet (UV) protection and up to 67% infrared radiation (IR) rejection. Best of all, Terraflex™ is manufactured with zero dye. No fade. No color change.

Terraflex™ is our carbon line of window film. Terraflex™ contains nano particles that gives the window film a boost in performance. The nano particles are found in the laminate adhesive layer and allows the film to block up to 67% of infrared radiation (IR) and 99% ultraviolet (UV) energy. The laminate adhesive layer contains double the glue compared to most other window films, which means a longer lasting product, while the hard coat is strong and durable.

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Gen 5 Carbon

Designed to not fade or change color, Terraflex™ uses gen 5 carbon technology to offer protection and performance in a beautiful charcoal or black look at an unbeatable price. You simply get more for the same cost of lesser technologies.

Value Packed

Terraflex™ gives you more value, more benefits and more to love for the same cost of lesser technologies.

Higher Performance

Say bye-bye to the skin irritation and uncomfortable heat caused by infrared radiation (IR) energy. Plus, you can breathe easy knowing Terraflex™ will virtually eliminate all ultraviolet (UV) exposure that can lead to skin cancer.

Consistent Look

No dye, no metal—none! Zero fading. Zero color change. 100% guaranteed! Just the same beautiful charcoal or black color that is built to last and remain consistent over the life of the vehicle its installed on.

Advanced Shrinkability

Terraflex™ is a breeze to work with and install—no frustrating or difficult installations due to curling, creasing or sliding off the glass.


The laminate adhesive layer contains double the glue compared to most other window films on the market, which means a longer lasting product that adheres to the glass better.

The Perfect Match

With most other window film companies, you only get one color option. Terraflex™ is available in two color choices to better match anything that rolls into your shop.

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Lifetime Warranty

Our Iron-Clad Guarantee

We back Terraflex™
with our limited lifetime warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

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