Mobile Peel Board

Hey, my name is Ralph. I'm at Flexfilm and I have behind me a glass mobile peel board. We recently built it. A lot of people have been asking about it. In this video we're going to show you what we're doing with it and how we built it. Maybe you can build one for yourself.

I'm in the Flexfilm tint studio, and we recently discovered a need and our need was that we needed a mobile peel board glass. You see, we can't pull a car in here, but we have all these props, all these doors and back windows, hatches, things like that. Of course, we wanted a peel board so that we could do our videos and Facebook live and anything we want to do in here where we can have a nice place to demonstrate. We created what's behind me right here. A lot of people have been asking about it and I've started to realize, hey, this thing is cool. But what we did is actually something that you might be able to use in your own shop. We're using it in the studio, but I wanted to go over what it is and how we did it.

The first thing I want to point out is the dimensions of it. It's about four by six. That was really the perfect size. I didn't want anything really bigger. Of course, I didn't want anything smaller. We wanted to try to build this thing as economically as possible. We mainly built it out of two by fours. We built literally two frames because I got a glass here and there's a glass behind me. I chose to use the double strength glass, which is plate glass. It can be dangerous. I could have used tempered glass. It's a lot more expensive, not that much, but it would have been probably overkill. It wasn't necessary. I have a good glass company that I work with. They deliver the glass and they put it in. I've also decided to use these tracks. I bought at Home Depot to actually nail to the bottom of this thing where you see. We literally just slid the glass in it. I put a little soap in it and it's really secure. I decided that I wanted the height of this to be about where my nose is. I wanted it to be in the middle of everything, if you're really tall or short, you could certainly adjust that. We also used a three-quarter inch plywood on the edges to tie everything together. Everything here is screwed together. We've also used some small two by four braces in the corner. This thing wouldn't rack. The glass itself provides structure, but we didn't have anything on the sides holding the glass. We needed to add the structure in the middle with the braces.

Now we bought the caster wheels at Home Depot. We could've gotten some large ones or some small ones. I just was comfortable with that size. I looked at the weight and see, now I've got a peel board here and we painted it black. It's really cool. I can see through it. I've even got a little, I guess, a holster that we made out of shelf material that we bought at Home Depot and we got a drill that you drill in the door to put a door knob. We use that to drill the hole for the heat gun. I could do a lot more with this, actually. This is kind of a base model. We could take this glass right here and we could put some white frost or white out film behind it. We could paint it white for contrast both sides. We can put a light inside this thing. I mean, the sky's the limit. I'm sure you could put other attachments on this for tools hanging. You could go all over the place with this.

This is where we stopped. It was very basic. We chose to make it transparent because it really does better with videos. For example, my tool wall behind me is cool. You could see it, if this thing was whited out, you couldn't see that. This is, I just wanted to give you guys an idea of what you could do, how you could build one, and maybe this could inspire you to build your own in your shop. Because if you're certainly in a situation where you're needing to move this thing around, like I am with these props or you may want to move around your cars. This is a pretty cool board. People ask me how much it costs. I don't have a solid figure in my head, but I can say it was under $300. It depends on if you want to pay somebody or not. But you can get this glass right here for probably not much more than 100 dollars if you go with the plate glass. I say over time, you're going to scratch this glass. You're also going to scratch the more expensive tempered glass equally. They will have to be replaced at some point. I opt to use the less expensive glass because I can replace it more often and not have to worry about huge expense. But you use your own judgment. The plate glass can be dangerous if it ever breaks. The tempered glass has safety glass and it'll always protect you if you ever break it. This is the mobile peel board. Thanks for watching. I hope this has inspired you or helped you in any way. Good luck with it.