Tint-Tac™/Pre-Tac™ Quart Bundle - Flexfilm

Tint-Tac™/Pre-Tac™ Quart Bundle

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Bundle Includes:

  • Pre-Tac Bottle (1 Quart)
  • Tint-Tac Bottle (1 Quart)

*One quart bundle per qualifying order

Tint-Tac™ Slip Solution

  • Formulated for window film installation

  • Perfect slip control for easy installation

  • Virtually  eliminates bottle maintenance

  • Inhibits algae & bacteria


Tint-Tac™ is a window film mounting solution that utilizes surfactants combined with proper pH to lower surface tension. Tint-Tac™ creates an opportunity to position and secure film on the glass and allow for the curing process to take place without compromising the adhesive on the film. Tint-Tac™ is not recommended to be used as a prep solution. For best results, use Pre-Tac™ as a preparation solution for cleaning, scrubbing, and scraping glass surfaces before applying window film with Tint-Tac™.


Add two ounces of Tint-Tac™ per gallon of water. Mix well. More or less may be used depending upon temperature, humidity, and installation technique.


Pre-Tac™ Prep Solution

  • Formulated for cleaning & prepping glass

  • All-in-one prep solution & glass cleaner

  • Degreases & removes surface contaminants

  • Fresh Scent


Pre-Tac™ is a preparation solution for cleaning, scrubbing, and scraping glass before applying window film. The use of  Pre-Tac™ with proper technique in cleaning and scraping reduces the presence of surface oils and contaminates on the inside of auto glass. Pre-Tac™ can be used as a streak-free glass cleaner and is safe for window film.


Pre-Tac™ is concentrated in a 3:1 ratio. Mix one quart of concentrated Pre-Tac™ with three quarts of water to make one gallon of solution. Mix one gallon of concentrated Pre-Tac™ with three gallons of water to make four gallons of solution. Mix 8 ounces of concentrated Pre-Tac™ in 24 ounces of water to make one quart of solution. Pre-Tac™ is sufficient for removing oils and contaminants from glass surfaces when used with a nylon scrub pad. This will help break the surface tension of these individual oils before scraping.

Pre-Tac Mixing Suggestions