Attaching Value To Your Products

Hi, I'm Ralph. I'm with Flex Film. And this quick tip for today is window film selection and value. You see a lot of people ask me how many selections should I have in my store? Should I have a good, better, best? Should I have a good best? Should I have a better best? How about all three and then some extra ones? How many choices is too many? Well, here's the answer to your question and I believe it's really simple. It's all about value. If you've got two choices or 50 choices if you can't up-sale and explain to the customer in a way they understand it, what the value is, they're going to do what everybody does. And here's an example to prove it.

This is the friendly neighborhood gas pump, and yes, my friend gave it to me. When you pull up to the pump, there's no way to understand value. And when you leave it up to the customer to understand value, when they could buy the best or they could buy the worst, humans will always buy this, because if they don't understand why this is better, they go with the cheapest. If you've got a bunch of films for sale and you can't explain to them why this one's better than that one, they're always going to go for the cheapest price, because window film is just like gas to all these people, they can't tell the difference. And if they can't tell the difference, they're going to go with your entry level price, and you're going to be in the price war, stay out of the price war.