Heat Box / Panaflex™ Bundle

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Get a heat box for $99 by bundling with Panaflex™!

Heat Box Bundle Includes:

  • 40" x 100' Roll of Panaflex™ any shade
  • 40" x 100' Roll of Panaflex™ any shade
  • Heat Box
  • 4 Blank Glass Slides

Not all window films are created equal. Panaflex™ is the next evolution in ceramic window film technology. Leaps and bounds more powerful than technologies that have existed in the industry for over forty years, Panaflex™ has the unique ability to block out more of the solar spectrum than other technologies. Panaflex™ boasts up to 88% broad-spectrum infrared radiation (IR) rejection and 99.9% ultraviolet (UV) protection. By blocking out both infrared radiation and ultraviolet energy and greatly reducing heat, Panaflex™ has the power to make a difference you will actually feel.

Manufactured in multiple layers, Panaflex™'s magic comes from the nano particles found in the laminate adhesive and hard coat layers. These nano particles give the film a boost to performance, allowing the film to block up to 80% infrared radiation (IR) and 99% ultraviolet (UV) energy, as well as giving the film its shade and beautiful look. The laminate adhesive layer contains double the glue compared to most other window films, which means a longer lasting product, while the the hard coat is strong and durable.​