World's Best Tint Hack

Hey, my name is Ralph and I'm with Flexflim and I've got a confession to make today in this video. I'm a tint hack. Yeah, I'm a tint hack at heart, but I'm a self-proclaimed tint hack that's the best in the world and this brings me to a challenge. See, I want to challenge you guys to do what I'm about to do in this video, is tint a side window on a vehicle, but you can only use these certain tools, which is a hairdryer, a spray bottle, a driver's license, a razor blade, I'm talking one of these bad boys right here, and a paper towel. That's it. You have to work on the car, pull the tint off the car, cut on the car. You can't use the shop accessories, hacks don't have that, and see how good you can do. See if you can tint a side window better than me because right now I'm the world's best and if you think you can beat me hack at it.

Okay, let's let this challenge begin. I'm going to start my, I want to kind of talk about how I'm going to go, damn that bottle's bad. I'm going to go through and talk about my steps here to see how we're going to hack this but every hacker has to at least start somewhere. I'm going to put my tools because I don't have the luxury of my apron. I'm going to have to put them in the seat. Driver's license, paper towels, I'm going to go ahead and put my bottle there. I'm going to go ahead and get my blade ready. Man. I'm going to come over here. I'm going to roll the film out I know I need. I'm going to eyeball it.

What? Okay, we'll get some more. Put some more water on there. Set the blade down somewhere. How about there? Okay. I'm going to figure out which side I'm going to be working on and get the mirror out of the way. I'm going to take advantage of one of these straight edges, which is here because I'm going to line it up at the bottom and by the way, while I'm doing this video, I'm going to call some of you guys out because I know you're hackers. I'm going to call out people like, let's start with Randy Humphreys. He's a world champion and I know he's a hacker. I know he can probably do this too. I'd like to see it. He's probably, I bet Johan Kim will be the best though, because I saw him. He won the flat glass competition this year and he did it with a side swiper. That's a hacker right there, folks.

I bet Rick Tallman would be good at this. I know this is probably what Rick, see this is my driver's license, I'm going to have to secure the film here. Let's see what we can do. This is fun, man. I've never, I haven't done this in a long time, but I'm going to do it. It can be done. What makes a hacker? I think it's in your head that you're a hacker because, you know a good tinter can use hack tools and probably do a decent job. We're about to find out. Okay. Oh man, it's still moving a little bit. I can't get that, I can't get that anchor like I want, but that's okay. I'm going to be really careful. Maybe I'm going to try this. Let's wrap paper towel around the driver's license. Let's see if we can get any leverage that way. Maybe so.

It's starting to anchor a little bit. Okay. Now I don't know how I'm going to approach this, but I'm going to probably come over here and maybe kind of crease it a little bit with my card, my driver's license. I think I can get me a good clean line by creasing it and probably crease it over here to about down to there on this particular vehicle, because I know that I can roll this window down and get that edge exposed and where I can cut it. I'm going to try to shoot for a micro gap with this technique, because I think I have the best shot, but I may have to turn around and shave it, but I've got this blade I'm not good with. We're going to just see what happens as we go along. Folks, there's no rule books, hackers don't need rules.

We just hack. We just hack. Look at that. Now let's see what I can do with this edge. I got to get that edge just right, but I don't have much to work with folks, but here we go. We're going to try to see what can happen. That's my driver's license. I got to keep it. Okay. I'm going to try to see what I can do with this razor blade here, just doesn't want to cooperate. Look at that folks. That's Hacker 101 right there. I might be out doing myself here. Let's see, where's my driver's license. I'm going to smooth that down. I think I can really make this kind of come together here. We'll see. What? Man, this is all coming together pretty good. I'm impressed, actually. I'm trying to smooth that little hack job up there. Now wonder if I can bring it around? That'd be awesome.

Yeah. Beautiful. Beautiful. I'm going to go with it. I'm going to go with it. Look at that. Man, I can't believe how this is actually turning out. I'm going to go down to about there. Look at that, folks. Got a little baby ruffle right there, but I'll hack that out before you know it. Okay. I'm going to have to cut the sides. I'm afraid to keep cutting this. I, well, let me try it a little bit more over here. Okay. I'm going to, I can't use my shop glass, I got to use my resources here. I'm going to have to use this as a fiddle board.

Now the question is, is this going to scratch the glass? We don't know, but I'm going to find out in a minute, but I'm going to be real careful. I see my little crease that I just made. So I'm going to try to carefully cut a straight edge on the right side of that crease. Look at that. No, I did not scratch the glass, but I'm going to be really super careful. I'm not putting a lot of pressure on this. A bad hacker would scratch the glass, he'd put too much pressure on it. Not a good hacker though. There's a difference.

I did put a little crease in this sucker, so I'm going to have to go left-handed on this to smooth that out. I got these little bitty places that just aren't satisfying me. I can sort of, kind of cut them out a little bit. Golly, that looks a lot better. Okay. I'm not retiring the blade, I'm just going to put it here. I know I probably have a little bit of shrinking I could do, but I'm not going to worry too much about it, but I'm going to get ready to install this. Oh, I forgot, I got to scrape this. Glad I got my blade.

Let's think of some other champions out there that I know are hackers. Jason Petty. I know you're a hacker. I've seen you, I've seen you, man. I know you could probably do this pretty good. I know David is probably the biggest hacker I can think of, I think he still hacks, to tell you the truth, but I'll bet you he could probably hack away and get the thing to look good. By the way, I'm using an American style film. I'm going to have some really sticky glue to work with I got a sample in the mail, but you know if you really want to get brownie points for me, go to the auto parts store and get some of the cheapest stuff you can find and then if you can do a good job with that, man you're really a certified hacker. You're going to get a lot of credit with me. That's probably what I'm going to do next is pick a more difficult car and get some more difficult film to work with once I see how I can actually go through this exercise.

Oh yeah, this is clean glass. You hear that? That's the sound of clean. I did put some tint tack in solution here probably, I probably could have used some baby shampoo. You know that's for babies, we could have downgraded with that. That'd been a little harder to use. Okay. Hey, I had to do something, make it a little easier. Okay. All right. Yeah. I got lint everywhere, man, but we're going to deal with that. Let's see. We're going to have to figure out a way to get the lint off. It's all we got here, folks. Let's see what we can do. Now, if you're the guy that's been trying to break into your house every day and you got a jacked up driver's license, I don't know what to tell you, man. Just good luck here. Okay.

When I first started tinting, what I would have done is I would have put the film up here probably, and then I would have taken the driver's license and use it as a straight edge and just kept cutting the gap in there, but we're an advanced hacker. We're not going to use that technique anymore. Okay. We're going to get this thing good and clean and get all lint off of it. This is not normal to me the way I normally think, but I think I got the momentum going with this driver's license to get this lint off.

I'm wiping it every time. That thing's full of lint by the way. Oh, and by the way, if you're going to be a real hacker, I don't want to catch you with a shop towel. Those lint-free shop towels. Can't do it. Got to have to use a lint towel, man. I use Bounty. You want to use the cheaper one? We'll give you more quality points. You can blow it off. That might be working. I think some of these hackers I've seen just don't have good eyes. If you see the lint, get it off. Look at that. Bam. We got it. All right. Let's see what happens.

We're going to go ahead and get us a good little layer of water on there. I don't want to mess up my paper towel. By the way, I've only used two squares of paper towels. If you use any more than that, you're not a real hack, man. I'm going to peel this right off the truck. I didn't get a chance to de-dirt, de-dust the truck so I'm going to have to kind of be careful here how I spray this. That's probably about all I'm going to spray because I'm chicken. I got the door pretty good.

Let's see what's happening here folks. It's not a half bad. I'm going to have to shave a little bit to make this like I want it. I got a big dip over here. I got to be careful about. Oh yeah, look at that gap folks. Okay. I want to go for perfection here because I'm the world's best. I could use this gap, but I'm not going to do this gap. This gap is not going to win me. The world title. I'm going to have to shave this bad boy. I've never shaved with a blade like that, but we're about to make it happen here.

There was a guy I knew in Douglasville, he's still around. I don't talk to him much. His name's Stanley. He shaves everything with a regular razor blade, never used an olfa knife, phenomenal guy, phenomenal tinter. I've never seen anybody do so good with the tools. I mean I'm not even scratching this film with this. It's a good driver's license. See, I've never had to break into anything. Not recently anyway. Okay. I might do a hybrid, I may do a little shave. Let's see, and the part of the micro gap. Now, so we can come back at the end and shave this. I'm going to use this paper towel over the license, okay, to do some final moisture extraction, I guess.

That's the problem with the driver's license, you can't get the moisture out like you could. I'm going to have to bring out my hairdryer it looks like, just to get this film to start to stick. That'll help me out tremendously. Especially if I try to shave anything, let's go for that. I got the heat extreme. I'm going to put it on the hot setting on high. Look at here, man. Make sure you get it on the hot setting. We're going to try to heat the rim up a little bit, a little bit of a struggle here. As soon as I get this rim, the edge heated up, I'm going to heat it up from the inside too. I just want to feel a little heat on this glass. I could wet shave this, but I'm not really good with that blade. No, I'm not comfortable with that blade and I want to see some more sticking going on here to do that. I'm going to try to.

Okay, now we're going to turn that off. Let's go on forward with the tint job now and come back and deal with the edge later. I can shave it or do whatever I want, but I'm going to just let it kind of cure for a few minutes while I finished window tinting. Now let's tackle the bottom here. Oh, I got to get some more lint out. I'm not, I'm probably not going to mess with that paper towel anymore. I'm just going to make sure I get the bottom managed. I got to give it some assistance here on the squeegeeing part. Look at that. I get to look at my self while I squeegee.

I'm just doing all I know to do, man, with the tools I've got. Let's plant that in there. So far so good with the, let me squeeze you the water out from there. So far so good here. I mean I'm happy. I'm happy with that. We're on the downhill stretch folks. Going to get the, I guess the best hard tool and soaking up moisture as I can do here with the paper towel and the license. I'm going to look at my edges. See if I need any heat on those. I probably do and where I creased it a little bit to see where I needed to do my cuts. Look at that folks. That is a pretty much done deal besides that edge. Let's see here. Got my little place there. Nothing over there. Let's do a little heating. Go back to hot, high.

Daggum, this thing takes minute. Now I'm going to, go and heat from the inside. Wow. It's working actually. I'm just glad I didn't have the cheap film. Trying to get those edges to stick just a little lit. I'll come in and shave this. We will hack our way through this, folks. Trying to get everything to stick.

Okay. Now for the shave. You might want to get a closeup of this. I'm not really sure how I'm going to approach this yet. I think I'm happy. I'm not sure yet. Let's double check everything. The edge, the final view. I'm going to do a paper towel. Quick job on the cleaning with these little wet paper towels that I have left over, so I can't really use much just a few squirts just to get the fingerprints off, just to make everything clean. There's a little lint on these things, but hey. I'm going to come to the outside. I'm going to do the edge. Now. I have scratches on my glass here, not too bad on the outside.

I'm just trying to get rid of the fingerprints. Do a final on the inside. Do a final on the outside. Bam. Look at that, folks, that would fly. That's a hack job right there. See if you can do a better job, I'm sure you can, but this is not my only video. I'm going to be working on some more with some more challenging curves and, and fingers and stuff like that and see if I could hack my way through that, but right now we'll get a close up and we'll look at the edges and stuff. This is not a half bad hack job folks. I challenge you to see if you can do better.