What's The Difference Between Carbon & Carbon Ceramic?

Hey! My name is Ralph, and I'm with Flexfilm, and in this video we're going to do one simple thing. We're going to distinguish what the difference is between carbon and carbon ceramic.

Carbon only provides us with protection because carbon can absorb energy that comes from the sun and literally just keep it from going to the other side of the glass. Carbon ceramic can do the exact same thing, but it has an additional layer of technology in it that's of nanoparticles. It's a non-conductive layer, and it provides comfort. Its function simply is to slow down the transfer of heat from going to the other side.

A lot of people seem to get confused between protection and comfort, because protection slows down energy and stops it, or absorbs it, and keeps it from going to the other side of the glass. But once all that energy's absorbed into the film, it turns into heat, and then the heat has to go somewhere. So, you have to have a layer in the film if you want to slow the heat down and provide your customer comfort, and that's what carbon ceramic does.

Both films provides you basically with equal protection, but the carbon ceramic has that additional layer. It slows down the heat where the carbon film does not. It just has a regular hard coat with no nanoinfused particles that would do the slowing down of the heat and give your customer comfort. That's a simple difference. One, it's just plain carbon. Just protection. The other one is carbon, which gives you the same level of protection, and slows down the heat. That's it.