Ceramic Window Tint: Performance VS Aesthetic

Hey, my name is Ralph and I'm with Flexfilm. In this video today, I want to talk to you about ceramic film and the war we're in this industry because when you build a ceramic film, you're always going to try to strike a balance between aesthetics and comfort because when you put little particles in the window film that are designed simply to slow down the transfer of heat and make your customer feel more comfortable, the more of that material you put in the film, the more of a bluish look and a hazy look you're going to get. We want to put as much as we can get in there, but maintain the aesthetics that's going to make your customer happy. We're always trying to wrestle with that balance because just when we get the balance right, maybe some new technology comes out that makes the particles smaller, or maybe there's some encapsulation technology that keeps it from sticking together. When that happens, we discover we can even put more in there and we can even slow down heat better without disrupting aesthetics.

A lot of companies have more recently come to the table with their ceramic films. Some have been around a while. Some are new, but overall, ceramic is a new technology, but a lot of them do the same trend. We all start out aggressive and we all boast our performance of our ceramics, but then when we realize that we have too much low angle haze, or too much of a bluish look or whatever color is involved in our technology, over time, we pull back. We pull back the ceramic and we continue the marketing of the product based on more of the transmission side of it and not the comfort side.

What I suggest is if you want to keep things running smooth, always test your window films. Put them on a heat lamp demonstration. Don't pay attention to the numbers, put them on a heat lamp demonstration where a heat source is on the other side of the glass. Put your hand in front of it, if your film is stopping heat or slowing it down, you can tell with your hand. Always trust your hand, and that way you can always stay ahead and you can see what your ceramic window films are doing, and how they're providing comfort for you and your customer.