The Weigh In | Rewards Program


How it works

The Weigh In is our rewards program that you can join for FREE. By completing various tasks, you will earn points that you can spend on free tools, merchandise, displays, monetary discounts, and much more. As you more earn points, you will progress through our tier system to gain access to exclusive rewards, such as a free custom website and video commercial.

How to earn points

Our rewards program is simple. You earn points for performing actions. You can then redeem those points for discounts, tools, displays, shirts, and more.

Get your friends flexing

The first step is easy. Send your personalized code to a friend. When your friend places an order using your code, you will be given $10 off your next order. It's as easy as that!

What can I redeem my points on? 

You can redeem your points on tools, displays, merchandise, discounts, and much more! Click the icon in the lower right corner to redeem your points on cool rewards.

The Weigh In Tiers

    Work your way through our tier system to gain access to exclusive perks and rewards. Once you hit the required number of points for a tier, you will automatically be enrolled in that new tier and immediately be granted access to your perks and rewards. Free items and discounts will be given as codes you can enter at checkout.

    Feather Lightweight 1,000 

    • Free Flexfilm T-Shirt
    • $25 Off Discount

    Lightweight | 5,000

    • $50 Off Discount
    • Free Banner

    Middleweight | 10,000

    • Free Custom Website
    • $100 Off Discount
    • Annual Gift
    • Early Access To Sales

    Heavyweight | 15,000

    • Free Video Commercial
    • $150 Off Discount
    • Annual Gift
    • Early Access To Sales

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I join your rewards program?

    Joining our rewards program is completely free. All you need is an account with us to start earning rewards. Creating an account is easy! Sign up here.

    How do I join and access the rewards program?

    Click the icon in the lower right of our website to access our rewards program. If you have not joined, click the blue button "Get Rewarded" to sign up today!

    Can you transfer points and tier status between accounts?

    Unfortunately we are unable to transfer points or grant tier access between accounts. Accounts cannot be merged so any points earned on an account will remain on that account and cannot be merged or transferred. If you forgot your password, reset your password here.

    When will I receive my rewards points?

    Typically points will appear in your rewards account instantly. If this is not the case, please contact us.

    Can my points expire?

    Yes, your points will expire 365 days after they are earned.

    How can I see my point balance?

    Once you are logged in, you can click the icon in the lower right corner and you will be able to see your point balance at the top of the pop-up launcher.

    Can I use my rewards coupon codes and other discount codes together on one order?

    Our system is limited to one coupon/discount code per order. If you redeem your points for multiple items, you will need to use each coupon code on separate orders. For example, you can't use a coupon code for a free pen and a $5 off discount code on the same order.

    I forgot to input my coupon code during checkout.

    Unfortunately we are unable to apply your coupon/discount code after the order is placed.

    Can I earn points for past orders?

    The Weigh In officially launched April 9, 2019. Any orders made prior to this date are not applicable for rewards.

    How do I redeem my points?

    Once you are signed into your account, click the icon in the lower right to access our rewards program. From there, click "Ways To Spend" to access all the rewards. Click "Redeem" on your desired item, copy the coupon code, and paste it into the coupon/discount box during checkout.

    How do I earn points?

    Like Us Facebook 25
    Follow Us On Instagram 25
    Share Us On Facebook 25
    Celebrate Your Birthday 25
    Create An Account 100
    Place An Order 1 Point Per $1 Spent

    What can I redeem my points on?

    Convert Points Into Cash $1 Per 100 Points
    GT083 - Lil Chizler (Pink) 200
    Free Pen 200
    GT085 - White Scrub Pad 200
    GT194 - Gasket Push Stick 200
    GT138 - Heavy Duty 1" Razor Scraper 200
    GT086BLK - Hard Card 200
    GT1070 - Platinum Smart Cardz 200
    GT202B - The Blue Conquerer Squeegee 200
    GT2063B - Tri-Edge X Blue 200
    Free Tape Measure 200
    GT140 - 1" Single Edge Blades 200
    GT2003PLT - Original EZ Reach Platinum 200
    $5 off discount 250
    GT027NT-Pro A1 Red Dot Knife 350
    GT176 - Waist Apron 500
    $10 off discount 500
    Free Go nano T-Shirt 750
    Free Hat 750
    Retroflex Poster 1000
    Terraflex Poster 1000
    Panaflex Poster 1000
    Nanoflex Poster 1000
    $25 off discount 1000
    Shades of Tint Banner 1000
    Free Tint-Tac/Pre-Tac bundle 1200
    Retroflex Mid-Grade Display 2500
    Terraflex Mid-Grade Display 2500
    Panaflex Mid-Grade Displaly 2500
    Nanoflex Mid-Grade Display 2500
    Heat Box 5000
    Retroflex Premium Display 7500
    Terraflex Premium Display 7500
    Panaflex Premium Display 7500
    Nanoflex Premium Display 7500